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Lettuce Iceberg - Seeds
Lettuce Iceberg - SeedsLettuce Iceberg - SeedsLettuce Iceberg - SeedsLettuce Iceberg - SeedsLettuce Iceberg - Seeds
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Lettuce Iceberg - Seeds

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Introduced for commercial production in the late 1940s, Iceberg (or crisphead) lettuce was the only variety bred to survive cross-country travel (the name Iceberg comes from the piles of ice they would pack the light green lettuce heads in before the advent of the refrigerated train car). Therefore, throughout the middle of the century, unless you grew your own or dined in a high-end establishment, iceberg essentially was lettuce.

Place them in a cool space to help the seeds grow faster. Once plants reach 8-10cm (3-4 inches) move the plants to their final place in your planter or garden. Lettuce grow quite big so leave 30cm (12") between plants and rows.

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